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Global Garden tripI so wish I could enter this competition, if only I could take 3 months off to visit all these wonderful Weleda sites around the world.  So many of the places are on my bucket list as places I want to visit.  One very lucky person is going to have a journey of their life.  We would so love it if it was a TGF reader, so get your entry in.

Weleda, the world’s leading manufacturer of certified natural and organic cosmetics and herbal medicines, is delighted to announce its new Global Garden Campaign. This initiative has been devised to highlight the truly international and sustainable nature of Weleda’s business – with gardens all around the globe – and to give one intrepid explorer the chance to experience it at first hand!

Weleda is launching a unique Competition quite unlike anything the company has ever previously undertaken. The Winner will have a one-off opportunity to travel the world next spring on a carbon neutral journey, and to visit the different Weledas from March to June 2018.

Weleda will be looking for entrants from 18 different countries where Weleda operates, who can be sent through to the next round:

* Argentina                              * Australia                                * Austria

* Belgium                                 * Brazil                                      * Chile

* Czech Republic                    * France                                    * Germany

* Italy                                        * Netherlands                         * New Zealand

* Russia                                    * Spain                                     * Sweden

* Switzerland                           * UK/Ireland                           * USA

Qualifying candidates from each country will then go through to the next stage of the competition, which will be open to a public vote. Each hopeful globetrotter will look to get as many votes as possible via a dedicated Global Garden online platform, in order to go through to the regional shortlist of 6 candidates for the 18 regions. The final regional selection will be made by the Weleda judging panel on 12 September 2017. One Finalist from each country will then go forward to the international selection process in October 2017. Finalists must be free to travel out to Weleda Germany for this final phase of the competition (see footnote).

In Germany, all 18 international Finalists will experience Weleda’s extensive organic herb gardens which are managed using strict biodynamic methods, where they will join in with the harvest. Finalists will also visit Weleda’s production suite where the range is made, and meet Weleda’s beauty expert Lilith Schwertle. This final stage of the assessment will include a series of practical workshops (writing, photography, social media, film) to enable candidates to really distinguish themselves.

At the end of this final audition, one Global Garden Winner will be selected by Weleda’s panel of experts, and this successful ‘horticultourist’ will be invited to pack a suitcase and head off on an incredible journey touring 11 different Weledas!

  • Sydney / Australia * Havelock / New Zealand
  • Buenos Aires / Argentina * Sao Paulo / Brazil
  • Zoetermeer / The Netherlands * Ilkeston / United Kingdom
  • Arlesheim / Switzerland * Huningue / France
  • Stockholm / Sweden * Prague / Czech Republic
  • Tuscany / Italy

Travelling through 11 different countries will at times be challenging but also wonderfully exciting and rewarding – what a journey of discovery! The Winner will learn about many plant ingredients used in Weleda cosmetics and medicines, will meet the growers, join each Weleda team internationally for a few days, and come away with a global overview of Weleda that will be the envy of the company’s 2,400 employees!

Photographers, vloggers, bloggers, illustrators and other artistic types are encouraged to enter because there is so much scope for creative development in this project. The Global Garden Winner will be expected to compile imaginative and entertaining reports at each leg of the journey, which will be published on the Weleda Global Garden website.

The project is very much in the time-honoured tradition of the ‘Grand Tour’ that was popular centuries ago, when people would travel to different countries over an extended period of months, educating themselves along the way, keeping a journal or sketch book to document the journey, and enriching their lives by soaking up the landscape, culture and sights at each stop.

Travel to each destination on this particular grand tour will be paid by Weleda, together with accommodation and subsistence at these stops, with some social events organised by Weleda. But any additional exploration or sightseeing along the way will be at the Winner’s expense. Contracted to work on the project over the three months, the Winner will have some free time to take in a few nearby sights at each destination, and will be given a very welcome 10,000 euros spending money to be able to really enjoy the journey and take home a few mementos.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for someone who is looking for a springboard for personal or professional development, to expand his or her horizons, appreciate our beautiful planet, and head off on a magical adventure!






Weleda UK will be accepting applications from within the United Kingdom and Ireland at between 8 August and 10 September 2017. Entrants need to meet the competition criteria and must:


  • be over the age of 18
  • be capable of independent travel, self-motivating, and happy to journey solo much of the time
  • have excellent written and spoken English, and ideally a natural flair for writing as the Winner will be reporting on their journey
  • be healthy and fit with plenty of stamina – at times the travel will be long and tiring
  • be able to freely travel to all the countries on the tour with the relevant visas
  • be available to travel for 3 months uninterrupted between mid March and mid June 2018
  • agree to transfer of copyright for content created for the project (text, images etc) to Weleda
  • be prepared to travel to Germany for the final audition 9-13 October 2017




* footnote: whilst travel in October to Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, will be covered by Weleda, shortlisted candidates will be expected to organise their own passport/visa and up to date vaccinations for this stage of the competition.


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