Vitality Hemp – Sustainable Christmas Gifts for all the Family


gifts-seed-it-starter-pack@2x-600x707Vitality Hemp products are 100% natural, and made from hemp, which is known as a ‘miracle crop’ as it removes three time more CO2 than trees.  Hemp is also known to improve soil quality as it removes toxins.  

The hemp is grown, and the products manufactured, at the foot of the South Downs in the UK, cutting their carbon footprint still further.

The Christmas Range includes:

Seed It™ starter pack

Grow Microgreens and Micro herbs at home this Winter with the complete Seed It™ Starter pack. 

Children will love this fast-growing kit and you’ll love the resulting high nutrient density of microgreens and micro-herbs which offer a powerful boost to any meal. They look stunning as a garnish for all dishes from your ‘standard’ Winter warming soup, to the highest of ‘Haute-cuisine’, this set allows for a home supply of your favourite micro vegetation!

Hemp Soap Paste

A 100% natural cleanser made from the world’s most resourceful plant. This kind-to-skin formula melts into a luxurious lather for use on your body, or anywhere you need! A game-changing soap for sustainable home living, and the eco-conscious traveller.

This comes types:

  • Activated Charcoal. Brilliantly black in colour and deeply purifying. Use this soap whenever you want to feel squeaky clean. 
  • Calming Lavender is infused withlavender essential oil. Fragrant, floral and soothing. Perfect for when you need to gain peace of mind.
  • Fresh Mint Hemp is infused withspearmint essential oil. Fresh, cool and invigorating for the perfect pick-me-up.
  • Original, unscented 

£5.95 for each soap or you can buy all four with a super soft bamboo face cloth or bamboo nail brush for £23.80.

BeeHemp™Wood Craft Finish – Gift Set

Wood Craft Finish Gift Set is an ideal gift for professionals and hobbyists. Finish your work with the dual treatment of:

  • 500ml Natural Wood Oil
  • 60ml BeeHemp™ Polish +
  • BeeHemp™ or Vitality Hemp™ branded keyring

This special gift set produces the best natural finish for wood. Use the set to refurbish old furniture and protect and seal chopping boards. No petrochemicals are used in our products.  Our Hemp seed oil is grown and produced in England. Hemp is rich in essential fatty acids and contains gamma-linoleic acid, which nourishes deep into the wood.


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