TGF Rated Review: Jack N Jill Natural Bathtime and Oral Care


Jack&Jill 28021716720We were pleased to receive some more great products from Jack N’ Jill, the natural care brand made in Australia and formulated especially for babies, toddlers and children. When the products arrived, the first thing we noticed was the attractive packaging, which like the products has an eco-friendly ethos, designed to be minimal, recyclable and BPA free.

Jack N Jill Bathtime:

My grandchildren seem to have become obsessed with the moisturising cream, with three year old Neve taking special delight in lathering not only herself in it but also her one year old sister Esme. Although not able to articulate very well why she likes it so much, Neve says it is because it doesn’t sting, which is obviously a testament to the organic ingredients. The body and hair wash proved to be another hit with the boys in the family, Harrison and Theo, who loved the smell and were both happy to use it on their hair without stinging eyes.

Jack&Jill 28021716653The Natural Family Co is Jack N’ Jill’s new range of oral care for the whole family:

The toothbrushes were a great success with my daughters. Louisa says that it is nice knowing that she is using something that won’t be lying on a beach for years as it is biodegradable and Katie likes the soft and natural feel of the brush, which is gentler on her teeth than the brushes she has been using.  Louisa really likes the tiny toothbrush holder not only because it looks good and solves the problem of where to keep your toothbrush; it also doesn’t get so dirty and store harmful bacteria as other toothbrush holders are prone to do.

Both families like the toothpaste, and although they thought it might not feel as refreshing as their usual brands because it was a natural product, they both liked the taste.

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