Silver holy on navy blue furoshiki fabric wraps


wrapuccinoThese wraps come in white and navu blue with metalic silver holy that have a beaitufil glow to them. These luxurious wraps are made from the finest 100% cotton and are part of the unique John Louden’s design collection.

A gift for life.

Furoshiki can be reused to pack another present, be a gift on its own and repurposed as a scarf, bag, tea towel. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. If you can’t reuse it, don’t buy it.

This cotton fabric wrap is a beautiful, soft cotton,  pleasant to touch and easy to wrap with. It’s delicate and it feels natural.

Any present wrapped in this unique recycled plastic furoshiki fabric will instantly look extraordinary.

Finished by hand to perfection.

Available in 2 sizes: M – approx. 50x50cm and L – approx. 70x70cm

Medium size wrap (50x50cm) is great for wrapping gifts such as books, medium-size boxes, cosmetics, perfumes, candles etc.Â

Large size wrap (70×70) is great for wine and other alcohol bottles, large books (with illustrations, photography), larger items such as boxes.

Available to buy from Wrapuccino for £6.99.


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