Senior Citizens Can Go Green and Help the Planet


young treeSeniors are more active than ever.

They are staying healthier and living longer, and doing more things. They take part in lots of activities, some dictated by age, others dictated by interest.

The important thing is for everyone, seniors included, to do something they love to provide themselves satisfaction.

And it’s even better when it comes to helping the community and the environment at the same time.

Benefits of Gardening for Senior Citizens

Gardening has long been a favorite hobby of the older generation.

They often have a bit more time than the younger, busier generations, and gardening provides an enjoyable rewarding outlet.

Think about these rewards from gardening:

  • An aesthetically pleasing area to not only work in, but also to enjoy
  • Colorful flowers outside and inside
  • Healthy vegetables for budget friendly, healthy cooking and nutrition
  • Physical activity that keeps joints and muscles healthy and mobile
  • Mental activity that provides fulfillment and accomplishment
  • Relaxation good for the soul and well being
  • An outlet for socializing and being with others who have similar interests

While gardening is a great pastime for seniors, some care needs to be taken.

For instance, seniors should not garden in hilly or uneven soil where they may be prone to falls. They need to be careful and conscientious in the heat and hydrate and dress appropriately.

As the article, “Thought Leader Series: Gardening for Seniors: Amp Up Your Home’s Value with a Great Hobby” looks at, this hobby can be beneficial in so many ways.

Benefits of Gardening for the Environment

The gardeners aren’t the only ones who benefit from gardening. The environment benefits as well.

Green gardening can add to the surrounding areas, and many seniors are taking on community service and getting their gardening past their own homes and into helping the community and environment.

Look at these benefits of green gardening:

  • Spruces up community
  • Uses natural and indigenous plants that require less water and care
  • Can be a teaching tool to spread environmental awareness
  • Plants provide not only beauty but a healthier environment
  • Gardens add aesthetically pleasing areas for everyone. Community, sensory gardens that incorporate not only visual appeal, but also fragrant flowers, touchable plants and even sound through wind chimes and water features provide relaxing spaces for anyone to come and enjoy.

Often a garden is more than a garden. It’s a place with water features, animals and peace and quiet.

The satisfaction a senior can gain from gardening is huge.

Whether it’s a community garden or one’s own private home garden, a garden can offer a respite, a social hour, self-fulfillment and a moment of peaceful solitude.

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About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who covers topics related to social media, healthy living and working from home.


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