Recycling Bins


simplehuman binIt’s great that more and more councils are embracing the need to recycle more of our waste.  Every council seems to have a different system, recycle different things and have a different range of collection bins.  More and more councils are moving towards using wheelie bins and inevitably they need to be stored outside the home.  So you probably need somewhere to store the recycling before it makes it’s way outside.  If you want to sort and store your recycling inside your home, you’ll need some sort of bin system to keep it all neat and tidy, but out of the way.

If your home is quite modern, then you might want to pinch an office solution to recycling.  These bins from Bin Sorted would look at home in a sleek, minimalist interior.  You can choose as many bins as you need and even get labels printed up for them.  Bins start in price at £24.99 excluding vat.  Another solution borrowed from the office is this set of bins from Nigel’s Eco Store.  There are four 60 litre bins to hold different sorts of materials, so this would suit a family that have quite a lot of waste to dispose of or whose council only offer fortnightly collections.

For a sleek, functional, yet attractive look these Simplehuman bins are perfect.  A rectangular sensor bin will open for you and stay open as long as you need it to.  Various sizes are available so there should be one to fit your available space.

If you are able to shut your rubbish away somewhere or are looking for a budget answer, then it’s well worth looking at these waste sorting bins from IKEA.


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