Make your life ‘Greener’ with TGF’s fantastic Eco Tips!


Eco TipsHere at TGF we are always looking for ways to help you and your family lead a greener life. There is often a false misconception that obtaining greener lifestyles is complex, time consuming and costly, however TGF have discovered dozens of simple, quick and cheap (often free) ways of doing so! Take a look below at some of TGF’s best Eco Tips and start making your lifestyle more environmentally friendly today!

1. When brushing your teeth, do not let the water run the whole time.  Either use a glass of water for rinsing or turn on the tap for short bursts.

2. Switch off all appliances at the mains, do not leave them on standby as this costs as much as when they are in use leading energy bills to soar.

3. Help save on your heating bills and put reflector paper down the back of your radiators. If you want you can make your own panels with tinfoil on cardboard, stuck to the wall behind the radiator.

4. When shopping for fresh food, shop locally, it helps support the local farmers and businesses and saves on the petrol.  Also try and buy food in season.

5. Donate to and buy from charity shops. Goods get reused and the charity benefits too.

6. Instead of buying more toys/books for your kids, get a toy/book group going with a group of friends, where you each swop a nominated number of toys/books each month so that your kids actually get to try out different things.  This is great because it will save you money, save on excess packaging and over production.

7. Start using Freecycle. It lets you swap unwanted goods with your local community, to help cut down on waste.  Check it out here

8. When washing your vegetables, use a bowl of water, then when you are finished use that water for watering your plants.  Read via the Friends of the Earth website.

9. Reuse your old glass jars or bottles, wash them out and reuse as containers for keeping food in.

10. On a regular basis give the back of your fridge a good clean out, either with a hoover or duster.  Just by keeping this dust free you can save up to 30% on your electric bill.  Also make sure you defrost it regularly as well.

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