Kendamil Unveil A Truly Unique Goat’s Milk Formula


image001 (18)Launching today exclusively in Waitrose, is the new Kendamil Goat’s Milk Formula.

Introducing Kendamil Goat, the only British made goat formula on the market and the first of its kind to contain Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) – the third largest solid component in human breastmilk.

Unlike imported competitors, Kendamil Goat formula is made with fresh full cream goat milk and goat whey. Lovingly made in the Lake District, with the brand’s 58-year-old British heritage , like all products from Kendamil, there’s zero palm oil or fish oil included. The formulation uses plant based DHA and contains no GMOs.

Increasing awareness of its benefits has seen a definite trend in parents making Goat formula their first choice, including reasons such as:

  1. Goat’s milk is easier for babies to digest
  2. It is less allergenic
  3. It supports the development of the immune system
  4. It offers the lowest carbon footprint in the UK market

RRP: £20.99 | Stockist: Exclusively available at Waitrose


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