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kitchensThe things around you matter, and that includes your furnishings.

Over the past few years, furnishings – furniture, accessories, materials and flooring – have begun to incorporate recycled materials. This not only helps the environment and your health, but it can also help your budget.

As the article, “Surprising Recycled Materials in Fine Furnishings” looks at these days, you may see new materials, like bamboo, pop up frequently in furnishings and flooring, but you also may see some surprising recycled materials.

Whereas granite has been a countertop craze for some time, what about crushed, recycled glass? Or did you think paper or repurposed wood could make its way to a countertop?

It’s not unusual to see recycled rags and old cloth turned into furniture or plastics from old milk bottles become handles and pulls for cabinetry.

Milk bottles may be bigger things than drawer pulls.

You may see whole pieces of furniture made from milk bottles or other recycled plastics, or from salvaged wood or other objects, from fans to gates to cardboard to fire hoses.

It is kind of amazing what can be done with found materials. A creative designer can make anything happen.

Your Health

Some of the new products these days are laced with chemicals.

Flooring and furniture may contain harmful glues, and some paints contain other harmful toxins.

To find materials without these health risks will help you rest easier knowing your family isn’t being exposed to dangerous chemicals on a daily basis.

The Environment

Knowing your furniture or decor comes from something that’s already been will also be good on your conscious.

Certain woods and other natural resources are becoming increasingly low, and this effects much more than just that, including natural habitats for animals and air quality for people.

Choosing a table that is made from a barn door or a pile of plastic bottles is much more environmentally friendly than mahogany or other endangered woods.

Your Budget

Some materials are much more cost-effective than others.

You can spend huge amounts of money on anything for your home, from flooring to counters to furniture. And while some repurposed and recycled material is pretty heavy on the budget, you can find some at great costs.

Depending on where you purchase it and what material it’s made from will affect the cost.

Some people would rather spend a little more on environmentally sound and healthy products than things in their home that are not only bad for the world around them, but could be harmful to their family’s health.

Choosing recycled and reclaimed furnishings is a smart, environmentally conscious way to decorate your home.

You’ll feel good about your choices knowing that the world around you, animals and people were kept safe through your choices.

Instead of dumping materials in a landfill, or stripping the world of natural resources, a beautiful new piece was created that you can have in your home.

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About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who focuses on topics related to home decor, the environment and social media.


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