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leaf1When it comes to living sustainably, can any house better exemplify the tenants of energy-efficient practices and reducing, reusing and recycling than the really recycled bird’s nest house built by a team from the Missouri University of Science and Technology?

Charged with the task of creating an entry for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, the team built a house that was not only solar powered and cost and energy-efficient, but that was also made as much as possible with salvaged or scavenged materials.

While you may not be able to build a house made of scrap material yourself, you can strive to be as sustainable in your own life as possible.

Not only will you be helping the environment, you will also be doing something good for yourself.

Check out some information about the benefits of living efficiently….

Save Money

When you find ways to increase your energy efficiency in your home, you will almost invariably find yourself saving money as well.

Upgrading to more energy efficient appliances or replacing your incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs save you a bundle on your electric bill every month.

Using your appliances more efficiently helps as well.

For example, washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot water is an easy way to conserve electricity or gas, depending on how you heat your water, and it costs less money as well.

Improve the Economy

Speaking of money, when you take steps to save energy, you’re also helping out the economy as well.

As saving energy becomes more and more necessary and people become more and more interested in sustainable living, it becomes necessary for innovators to find new ways to approach energy efficiency.

Once a breakthrough has been made and people like you begin to adapt the new and more sustainable technology, the economy gets a boost from the jobs that are created for the people who have to manufacture, sell, install and maintain the new technology.

Increasingly fuel-efficient cars and energy efficient household appliances all stimulate the economy to some extent.

Recycling is also an industry of its own that employs many workers, and the more people recycle, the more people are needed to sort, process, and utilize the recycled materials.

Ultimately, living sustainably will contribute to living in a more successful economy, which is good for everyone.

Public Health

It will probably come as no surprise to you that energy efficiency is good for your health, as well as the health of the general public.

After all the fewer fossil fuels being burned, the safer the air is for everyone to breathe. However, you may not realize how important recycling is to the public health.

Landfills aren’t often places that anyone likes to visit, so it can be hard to picture just how much of a health problem they can be. But an overfull landfill can contaminate the soil and groundwater, leading to a variety of health problems for local residents.

When you choose to recycle instead of throwing things away, you’re helping to keep the pollution to a minimum and protecting your own health and that of everyone in your community.

Living sustainably takes commitment, but there are benefits that go beyond just protecting the earth.

Practicing energy efficiency and recycling benefits you, your neighbors and your local community, and the public at large.

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About the Author: Cheryl Baer covers topics on the web related to the environment.


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