Can You Become the Ultimate Eco Traveller?


Can You Become the Ultimate Eco Traveller 1Nowadays, travelling is becoming more and more commonplace. While, in the past, travelling the world was reserved solely for those lucky enough to have a globetrotting career or plenty of money to burn, over the years, travelling has become increasingly accessible.

Although this greater ease of access is brilliant news for those who long to get out there and see the world, it can be disastrous for the environment. It’s all too easy to become wrapped up in your own life and travel plans and forget about the impact that your growing carbon footprint and all those air miles can have on the planet.

However, this has heralded the arrival of an increasingly popular form of travelling – eco-travel. Of course, leading a green lifestyle is nothing new, but many people don’t realise that eco-friendliness can also be applied to your travels.

With some careful planning and a few select changes to your travel routine, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t incorporate eco-friendliness into your next adventure!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

While heading abroad can be exciting, frequent plane travel or the use of a hire car can increase your carbon footprint. We all know that having a large carbon footprint is a bad thing, but have you thought about what you can do to reduce yours? Our planet is a living, breathing being and it is important to look after it and care for our environment.

While it’s pretty much impossible to drop off the scale completely when you’re travelling, there are many different ways in which you can work to reduce your impact on the environment. Of course, backpacking might not be to everyone’s taste, but even just walking or taking a bus or train can be a much better option than hiring a car or taking a taxi. Similarly, have you considered travelling in your own country? While it might not seem as exciting as a far-flung exotic destination, there are plenty of hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered!

Eat Clean

Healthy, organic, locally-grown food – what could be better? Even if you’re not a big foodie, this is still a brilliant way to really experience the area you’re visiting in a whole new way. If you are trying fresh, local produce, you will guarantee yourself an authentic travel experience whilst also keeping up with your healthy lifestyle. So, next time you’re heading out for dinner while travelling, ditch those fast-food outlets and chain restaurants and instead, discover a whole new taste sensation with a smaller local café or restaurant.


While this isn’t a factor that directly contributes to eco-travel, it’s still important to ensure that you are caring, thoughtful, considerate and ethical wherever your travels take you. It’s essential to remember that although you are a visitor just passing through, many of the people you meet will be local to the area and will have their own unique set of customs and traditions. Chatting with local people is a brilliant way to experience a different culture first-hand, away from all the usual tourist traps.

In addition, it’s also vital to read up on any local festivals or traditions before you travel. Certain parts of the world will have a much different culture to the one we are used to – the Middle East, for example, has a whole host of exciting cultural traditions to share. If you are travelling to this region during religious festivals or the holy month of Ramadan, these customs are particularly important. It can also be a nice touch to contribute to the region’s traditions with a small donation during Ramadan – what better way to experience the spirit of a place than by immersing yourself in its culture?

At the end of the day, committing to eco-travel is no different than curating the perfect eco- friendly lifestyle – it’s a real conscious effort you have to make, but the rewards will soon be clear to see.


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