Zero Waste Week 2018


zww-earthZero Waste Week 2018 starts this week and we at TGF are pleased to support this great cause.  Rachelle the founder of this fantastic initiative has today been recognised by Prime Minister Theresa May for her work. Rachelle has inspired us and many millions of people over the last 10 years.  It is great to see that her work is being acknowledged by Government.

The Prime Minister has today, 3 September, recognised Rachelle Strauss, from Gloucestershire, for encouraging millions of people to dramatically reduce their waste.

Rachelle Strauss is the founder of ‘Zero Waste Week’, a campaign promoting recycling and waste reduction which has reached 56 million people online. After she was caught in flash flooding on a family holiday to Cornwall in 2004, Rachelle became determined to act against the environmental impact of climate change.

Rachelle’s passion and accessible ideas quickly began to attract a thriving online following, inspired to try avoiding creating any waste for one week every year. The campaign has grown internationally, with participants in 73 countries around the world. This award coincides with the start of Zero Waste Week 2018.

In a personal letter to Rachelle, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Zero Waste Week is inspiring people around the world to dramatically reduce the waste they create for good. By sharing your own experiences as a family and suggesting simple ways people can recycle and reuse you are making it easy and fun for as many people as possible to get involved in your important campaign.”

Rachelle said:

“It’s wonderful to be recognised for my work in raising awareness about some of the devastating effects our current waste crisis is having on the environment, wildlife and our own health.

While I organise it and have put in over 10,000 hours of my time, the success of the Zero Waste Week campaign lies in the participants and ambassadors who are committed to change and take the challenge with enthusiasm and energy.

It’s a privilege to connect with people who put their unwavering belief in what I do and -instead of wringing their hands and waiting for something to change – rise up and become the change.

This year’s theme is ‘Plastic-Unwrapped!’ where we’ll be reducing single-use plastics and I’d encourage all householders, business owners and community groups to sign up.

Asked in a Populus survey of 2,090 UK adults, 80 percent admitted they were either concerned or very concerned about the amount of single-use plastics generated in the UK.

It’s vital that businesses, Governments and citizens come together in a bid to call time on the ticking time-bomb that our over consumption of single-use plastics is having. By being recognised as a Point of Light, I hope this will raise awareness and keep this important topic on the agenda.”


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