Zero Waste Week 2013


Zero Waste WeekHere at TGF, we have marked Zero Waste Week 2013 on our calendar and we hope you have too! Zero Waste Week invites you to reduce landfill waste and to save money. In its sixth year, this fantastic innovative runs from 2nd to 8th September 2013, with it being extremely simple to get involved and to do your bit for the environment.

Shockingly the average household throws away an estimated £50 worth of food per month, most of which is edible! Due to this astonishing figure, the theme for Zero Waste Week 2013 is “Use it Up!” – where the serious issue of food waste will be tackled. Below are a number of key suggestions of how you can make a difference and reduce your food waste today…

 Food Waste1. Wise up on portion control – try not to eat with your eyes.

2. Resist ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offers if you know that you will not eat it all.

3. Banish the word ‘leftovers’ from your vocabulary and replace it with ‘ingredients’.

4. Dive into your freezer and cupboards and use up your stores.

5. Create your very own delicious zero waste recipes to share with the community.

So, let’s spend this very significant week filling bellies instead of bins! It is very important once Zero Waste Week 2013 has come to an end that we keep new food habits in place – one way in which this can be guaranteed is by taking part in the Rubbish Diet. The Rubbish Diet is the United Kingdom’s dedicated slimming club for bins – in eight easy steps you will see results that could last a lifetime!

For more information about Zero Waste Week and to sign up to receive daily emails during the week please click here! Good Luck and Enjoy!



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