Work at Home in a Product and Energy Saving Office


small business cleanWhy not keep you and your office as efficient as possible? What better way to do that than keeping a green home office to save energy as you work productively?

Here are seven home office tips to think about when trying to make your office more energy efficient and eco conscious.

Add privacy to your workplace. Lack of privacy can be testing because it can distract you from your priorities. Your thin walls and wooden door don’t usually get the job done. Get a foldable wall to divide the room so if you are working with someone else or you have a family at home, their presence won’t interfere with your work.  At work, you may not have as much privacy – so here are a few tips on how to operate around the office space.

Stay Connected. As a businessman you need to stay in the know and by this I mean stay connected to all of your work needs through technology. If you are working from a laptop at your desk then purchase a desktop monitor to use as an extension to your laptop. Some young business workers also use a tablet and keep it on a stand within arms reach on their desk. They will designate their tablet to a specific purpose, whether that be social media or strictly email. This method not only keeps you organized but also will help you work faster because everything is accessible digitally.

Use a power surge protector to keep from having any electrical problems and turn off all monitors when you are away from the office so that the monitors won’t be emitting useless energy. You will also keep the temperature down when you maximize the amount of time your computer and monitors are running.

Light the room. Good lighting is necessary and without several good light sources, you can physically suffer. Your eyes will begin to hurt and you will feel a sense of fatigue if you continue to operate in a poorly lit room. But office lighting can be expensive if you don’t explore the market for the cheaper options. Consider overhead lighting, which will be much brighter than your other fixtures, as well as a couple desktop lamps for direct light or to dim the room some. At the beginning, your home office is all about how you manage, here are some additional steps on how you can work at home with more efficiency.

Think ahead so that your work isn’t interrupted. Most of us have an issue of piling trash and staying hydrated while working, it’s expected when you are sitting for long periods of time. Think ahead and prepare your office for your daily behavior, purchase a larger trash can so that your office can stay clean or a trash compacter that will compact your office trash and allow you to dispose of it eco efficiently. Also consider purchasing a small fridge so that you can keep water or your drink of choice near. Keeping a small fridge in the office cuts down on the time you have to leave your desk during the workday.

Structure your office comfortably but be careful not to live there.  As you know you work best when you feel comfortable in your surroundings, so personalize your office with things you are connected to and furniture that suits your work ethic. Add family photos, plants, even awards or previous diplomas to your home office. Add a radio to your office to listen to as you work but have easy access to if you have a sudden conference call or something of the sort. Need an ergonomic chair? Click here.

Building your home office to fit you isn’t as expensive as you think but it can be a daunting task. Try to keep the working devices as clean as possible so that you can be energy efficient and environment conscious. The objective is to create a place where you are separated from distraction which will ultimately result in a productive area for you.


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