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I have been a Wikaniko distributor now for a few years and I love the fact that I can buy so many of my greener products at wholesale prices.  I also love the fact that I can entice my friends with the wonderful range of gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

If you want to know more on the hows and why you should consider joining Wikaniko, have a look at the below document.


Would you really like to make some extra income?

Do you really think that you can, with companies like Avon, Kleeneze, Betterware etc?

Yes, you can. That’s the short answer. Some are making fortunes as distributors for these types of businesses.

However, with companies like the ones mentioned, there is usually one main way (perhaps 2 ways) of generating an income – the hard way.

With Wikaniko, the UK’s no 1 eco friendly work from home business opportunity, there are no less than TEN ways to make the income that you would like! So all you have do is choose WHICH ways suit you, rather than HAVING to do it the way the company tells you….

Let’s check it out:

  1. Traditional local cataloguing – like Kleeneze, Avon, Betterware, etc. this method works. It is tried and tested. However, as it is only ONE of the methods we use, there is very little, if any ‘competition’ between distributors for areas or regular patches. There is not likely to be any competition for the next 15 – 20 years either. Also, with the other companies that we have mentioned (and indeed with most other MLM companies) there is usually only one or two ways of retailing the products. Wikaniko has around a dozen different ways!
  2. Events, shows, craft fairs etc. Another tried and tested method – however, as Wikaniko has such a diverse range of products you can actually specifically target the audience. For example, lipsticks and makeup do not sell that well at a dog show. But with a great pet section in your Wikaniko warehouse you can take dog poop bags, leads, natural treats, grooming brushes, natural fleas and tick remedies etc. to the show, and scoop up loads of orders. Get the idea?
  3. Online shop. This is where Wikaniko stands out. Let’s say your facebook friends or your mum (who lives 100 miles away) wants to buy your products. You can simply direct them to your online supermarket, and Wikaniko will send the product out to your customer, and send you the commission at the end of the month. How cool is that?
  4. Wholesale Buyers. Take a look at this – Wikaniko encourages shops, small businesses, therapists, domestic and commercial cleaners, guest houses, care homes, caravan parks, boatyards etc. to buy at wholesale from Wikaniko – like a Cash and Carry. It is totally FREE for them to join. Again, you pocket the difference when someone orders hundreds of pounds of stock for their shop or business!
  5. Dropshippers. This is an excellent method whereby anyone can literally work at their home PC, and make money! Great for mums with kids, carers, retired, physically challenged etc. Again, there is NO COST to join. There is no stock to buy, and the dropshipper simply lists the products on the various shopping sites. When someone buys that product, Wikaniko ships it out and the dropshipper keeps the profit. These people can earn more than enough money every month to pay their mortgage without buying any stock, or moving outside their front door. Sites to sell on include ebay, amazon, etc.Do you know anyone that this would appeal to?
  6. Building a team – with a difference. If you look at the above, a Wikaniko distributor’s team will ideally consist of other distributors doing cataloguing etc., PLUS a bunch of Wholesale Buyers, online customers, and Dropshippers. Stunning, don’t you think?
  7. Eco Cleaning. Some of our distributors use the wholesale eco friendly cleaning products to clean people’s homes, and they earn £10 – £12 per hour (as it is more specialist than domestic cleaning) on top of the earnings outlined above. It’s not for everyone, but if you like physical work and good money, then it could be for you.
  8. Commercial Sales. Wikaniko supply a great range of concentrated eco friendly cleaning products, which some distributors sell to commercial premises. They do this in a very simple way, by giving out FREE samples…the commercial sales plan can generate earnings of £1200 – £1500 each month and that’s part time…….
  9. Sample distribution. Wikaniko distributors don’t believe in ‘selling’. Instead, they believe in ‘giving’ out samples of the products for people to try. This is such a non – confrontational way of sharing the products with others, because there aren’t many people who like selling. But everyone can give something away….
  10. Makeup Classes. Wikaniko has its own range of mineral makeup under the KBK brand. They have a unique way of holding home classes as opposed to the party plan method that is getting rather outdated these days. If you love makeup, and love demonstrating products, this is for you….


Here’s something else to ponder.

If you are you thinking about joining an opportunity, would you get stuck with promoting just one range? Let’s take a few examples. Thinking of retailing aloe Vera products? These are just one part of our range. How about supplements? We have our own brand of almost 40 fantastic products. How about personal care products? That’s just one section of this opportunity. Like makeup? We’ve got our own KBK brand. Cleaning products? Yes, that’s another section of the opportunity. You get the idea – why be stuck with one range of products when you can have them ALL?

So all in all – there are numerous ways to make an income at Wikaniko. The business opportunity has been cleverly designed to fit around you, rather than trying to fit you into a business opportunity. There are more ways to make money than with any other opportunity, and it is probably the most affordable opportunity to join.

When you do register, you get FREE online training. You get an online shop stacked full to the brim with eco friendly products – many of them suitable for the vegan lifestyle.

So let’s get it going. Go to http://brenda.wikaniko.com

Click on the Join Us page, and register. It’s as simple as that


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