Web Summit – Day 1


20161108_140310We arrived in Lisbon on Monday and had a day to chill and have a look around at this lovely city.  We are loving the trams, the clean metro and the eclectic mix of building design.  The Time Out food market is definitely a place to try out, although it has to be said there is not much for veggies like me.

So we headed to Day One of the Web Summit and what a great day it was.  The opening talk by Mike Scroepfer re where Facebook are going in the next 10 years was interesting.

20161108_121752Salil Shetty from Amnesty International was excellent in his sessions, his session with Robert Scoble on privacy on the internet saw him passionately put his case forward as to why privacy is needed when there are dictator led states who want to quell the masses on issues that need highlighting.

There are lots of interesting sessions on sustainable driving options, BMW have their self driving cars here for you to take a spin in, which I am hoping to do today.

The pitch stages are great, it is really interesting to see all these new ideas and meet inspiring entrepreneurs who are building their dreams and getting a chance to meet with investors, practice pitching and chat with everyone about their products.

So let’s see what day two has to offer, we will report back later.


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