Vegan-Friendly and Toxin-Free Cleansers for Even the Most Sensitive of Skin


tnbp1Lovers of gentle skincare rejoice, as handmade skincare company The Natural Beauty Pot has announced its debut collection of cleansing oils, to add to its extensive range of gentle, truly natural skincare.

With three sumptuous new formulations on offer, even those with the most sensitive of skin will be able to enjoy a luxurious yet effective cleanse, to start and finish each day beautifully.

The cleansing oils are all free from chemicals and toxins, and are vegan-friendly too, using gentle, natural oils as a rich base to help you melt away makeup, daily debris and excess oil in a flash, including waterproof makeup and mascara. Plus, they’re packed with skin-loving fatty acids and anti-inflammatories, as well as vitamins A, C, D and E to help calm and care for your skin as you cleanse.

Sensitive and easily-irritated skin types can indulge without worry in the Gentle Cleansing Oil, a stripped-back yet sensual offering that uses kind ingredients to care for your skin without causing a drama. The simple ingredients list comprises just gentle grapeseed oil, silky sunflower oil and a good helping of nourishing vitamin E, to protect and hydrate the skin as you cleanse. A multi-tasking marvel, the unscented Gentle Cleansing Oil will balance the skin, improve elasticity, reduce acne-causing bacteria and calm an irritated complexion in just one use.

Dry and dehydrated? You’ll love the decadent Soothing Cleansing Oil, which harnesses the restorative power of rose to give you a gorgeous glow. Blending luxurious Rose Absolute with jojoba, grapeseed and sunflower oils, the Soothing Cleansing Oil works to deeply nourish and rehydrate the skin, restoring radiance in a flash whilst soothing the soul and relaxing the mind with its heady and romantic natural fragrance.

If your complexion is oily or blemish-prone, then the Balancing Cleansing Oil is the perfect option. Rebalance, reset and refresh congested complexions quickly and simply, with this powerfully purifying cleanser. Designed with problematic skin in mind, the non-comedogenic Balancing Cleansing Oil uses lemon and cedarwood to deep-cleanse and detoxify the skin, giving you a calmer and clearer complexion in mere moments. Plus, its clean scent will help you feel wide-awake in the mornings, and clarify your mind at sundown too.
The three new cleansing oils from The Natural Beauty Pot join the brand’s existing collection of 14 unisex skin and body products. The range currently includes mood-boosting aromatherapy bath salts, vegan-friendly facial oils, multipurpose balms and a relaxing body oil, all powered by plants, natural ingredients and essential oils.

Across the globe, the demand for clean beauty products is higher than ever before. Natural skincare has seen a global boost in demand, with a third of consumers now actively seeking to increase their usage of clean and natural products.

The Natural Beauty Pot, and its line of truly clean and 100% natural beauty products, is a discerning choice for those interested in gentle, natural skincare and beauty. Founded by beauty therapist Shauna Gallagher, The Natural Beauty Pot promises gentle and effective skincare for every skin type, with handmade formulations and truly natural ingredients. The new addition of the cleansing oil collection is another way to make it easier than ever before for consumers to find skincare that they can really trust, with pure, handmade formulas and tried-and-trusted ingredients, all used and tested by Shauna herself.


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