Top tips and a trio of products to keep your dog calm at Halloween and Fireworks


hownd1The Keep Calm range from HOWND – a trio of all-natural products designed to soothe anxious dogs at Halloween, Bonfire Night and Diwali

Top tips and must-have products to help keep your precious pooch calm from the UK’s leading ethical pet care brand

·      Keep Calm – tasty wellness treats with organic hemp and camomile to help soothe anxious pooches

·      Keep Calm body mist – lavender infused mist for creating a relaxing atmosphere for dogs

·      Keep Calm Conditioning Shampoo – aromatic naturally fragranced lavender shampoo to help calm your dog

Evenings during the autumn months are noisy. Weeks of loud bangs and crashes from fireworks, a steady stream of trick or treaters ringing the doorbell and Diwali celebrations can be unsettling and scary for our furry friends. Keeping our precious pooches calm can be stressful for their owners too.

Help is at hand as the team at HOWND, the multi award winning, ethical pet care brand, has some top tips to use alongside its specially created KEEP CALM range  of three different products designed for calming anxious dogs.

HOWND’s top tips to for anxious and agitated dogs now and at any time during the year:

Wear them out – make sure they get lots of exercise during the day, so they are tired in the evening, at least a couple of walks and definitely one before it gets dark and the noise starts. Autumn is also a muddy time of the year so give them a relaxing bath with HOWND’s Keep Calm Conditioning Shampoo. This gorgeously aromatic shampoo has a combination of lavender and patchouli essential oils that help relax adult dogs and a nice rub in the bath will calm them down. Also try and feed them before dusk so they don’t get too anxious to eat.

Make your home and especially their bed extra cosy – Line your dog’s bedding with their favourite toys and a piece of your clothing to help them feel safe and protected.

Keep your home calm, keep the lights low, no noisy music or loud television to excite your dog in the evenings. if you have young children let them watch the fireworks from an upstairs window or a different room.  Spray HOWND’s Keep Calm Body Mist around the home and on the dog’s bedding for the ultimate chilled out human and pooch experience. With calming aromas, the all natural spray is great for a quick spritz on your dog and you can also rub the Keep Calm body mist into their fur – every dog likes a little massage.

Indulge and distract them – a new puzzle toy will help distract them from the noise and keep them busy if they are not sleepy.  It’s the perfect time for a tasty treat too.  Made with cammomile and organic helmp, HOWND’s new Keep Calm 100% natural hemp treats have been created especially for anxious dogs.

HOWND’s cute, cookie-shaped 100% natural Keep Calm Hemp Wellness Treats are made in the UK from ethically sourced local ingredients and packed with goodness, and may help your dog unwind. HOWND’s Hemp Wellness Treats are 100% natural, hypoallergenic, gluten free, grain free, human grade and vegetarian.

And for owners, try and act normal. Dog owners know better than anyone that dogs are quick to pick up on our moods so modify your behaviour when your precious pooch is feeling anxious. Talk to them in exactly the same way as you would normally – keep smiling, give them lots of attention, and they will feel reassured.

There are many times when dogs can feel anxious. Thunderstorms, parties, trips to the vet, and travel can also be stressful experiences for our furry best friend.  Keep HOWND’s trio of soothing KEEP CALM products at hand to help your over-excited or anxious pooch any time of year.


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