The Ultimate Hedgehog Gift Box from Boxwild


boxwildWhilst in hibernation, hedgehogs lose around 30% of their body fat. So, when they emerge from their super long slumber in March, they are very hungry! So why not help your resident hog off to the best start this spring with the Ultimate Hedgehog Gift Box from Boxwild.

This gift box contains everything you need to feed our prickly friends, plus Harry, Boxwild’s beautiful hedgehog garden ornament!

The Hedgehog Box contains three packs of food designed with these little foragers optimum nutrition in mind, including Boxwild’s hedgehog food blend, a pack mealworms, hedgehog biscuits, a seed scoop and a stylish feeding bowl that will look adorable out in the garden next to Harry.

The Ultimate Hedgehog Gift Box would make an ideal present for the nature lover in your life or for those who want to welcome wildlife into their gardens.

Ultimate Hedgehog Gift Box – £40.00


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