The Pineapple Room Pop Up from Bourgeois Boheme


IMG-20170425-WA0004This innovative and environmentally friendly material created from my favourite fruit, Pineapple, has completely flipped the script on fashion.

I attended a lovely meet the products event in the Pineapple room, right in the centre of our cities entrepreneurial hub, Old Street.

I was handed two cupcakes and two glasses of pineapple flavoured rum for my associate and I.  Needless to say I was more concerned about eating such a beautiful masterpiece, although that did not stop me.  Anyway I am not to talk about the delicious eateries although I could go on.

I want to tell you about what caught my eye and the reasons for that. I am indeed a man of exquisite tastes if I do say so myself and I want to share with you why I rate these items so highly.

IMG-20170425-WA0005Firstly, let’s address the materials and how these great products are created.  After all that’s what really stands out.  Pineapple leaves, a bi-product of pineapple harvesting usually get thrown and turn into waste.  These leaves are now providing a second revenue stream for farmers in the Philippines.  They extract the fibers, the leaves are gathered, decorticated and finally degummed.  This adds to the environmentally friendly nature of these products, the leftover biomass is actually used as fertilizer and biofuel.  Now here is where it gets fascinating. These fibers are then taken away to be processed into a special non-woven mesh, this is the base for our new fave Pinatex ™. The rest as you would say is down to those who hand craft these products.

Pinatex ™ is a revolutionary, sustainable, unique and innovative new textile. Pinatex is now going to be used in the Fashion, Interior design, upholstery industries and soon to be entering the automotive industries too.

IMG-20170425-WA0008My fan favorites are the Bourgeois  Boheme Pinatex boots.  The texture is stylish and right up my street.  Made from Pinatex ™ breathable biodegradable plant based polyols. Perfect for a date night with the girlfriend, in the office with clients and anything in between, these handmade shoes are really a must have.

IMG-20170425-WA0006I always wanted to give a little mention to the monkey glasses and Time IV Change watch. Trendy suave, and both made from biodegradable raw materials, they look as good as they feel, they feel as good as they look!  Accessories are vital to fashion, and with summer just around the corner you will definitely catching me sporting the black on black


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