The Nappy Gurus Celebrate 10 Years Committed to Cloth


image001 (14)The Nappy Gurus is a truly unique brand that has been committed to simplifying the world of cloth nappies now for ten years! To mark a decade of helping parents, the team have relaunched The Nappy Guru Network, a passionate group of reusable nappy experts spread across the UK, each dedicated to supporting families with their cloth nappy journeys.

The Nappy Gurus primary goal to encourage parents to make the switch to reusable nappies, without feeling overwhelmed, has not changed since first opening its doors in 2009. Over the last ten years, the ethically minded business has developed an unrivalled online support system to guide and nurture parents; whether they are already cloth users, or are just considering making the change, The Nappy Gurus provide fantastic help.

Parents can join The Nappy Gurus online via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. As well as being welcomed to ask questions, they will find plenty of guidance and handy tips and tricks from fellow cloth users within the community. There is also lots of FAQ’s and detailed information on the website.

Now, with the exciting return of The Nappy Guru Network, an army of mums on a mission to help educate families on the benefits of cloth nappies, has been unveiled across the UK.  Each Guru will be running stalls at local events, delivering one-on-one demonstrations and also offering email and telephone support to parents wanting to know more about reusable nappies in their area.

“For some people the decision to choose reusable nappies is an easy one, but for others it understandably takes time and for those parents we are here to help. Here at The Nappy Gurus we urge anyone thinking about it, to get all the answers they need and ultimately to just give it a go,” said Laura Davies founder and chief guru.

Laura continued “It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Parents should never put pressure on themselves and be mindful that even one or two nappies and some reusable wipes can make such a difference to their environmental footprint, and wallet!”

The Nappy Gurus, who are proud members of the Nappy Alliance, fundamentally believe that the planet quite simply cannot sustain the disposable culture we now live with. The team remains committed to spending another 10 years helping more mums and dads switch to cloth and ultimately spread the critical message far and wide.


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