The Most Sustainable Coffee Pod in the World Just Crossed to the Dark Side


HALO Noir ImageWe get it, sometimes a lightly roasted coffee with delicate floral notes isn’t what you are craving. Sometimes you need a punch-to-the-senses dark roast to wake you up and get you going. You need a quick cup and you need it to be sustainable so your footprint is green while your coffee is intense.

Each year nearly 60 billion pods are manufactured and according to Nespresso, roughly 70% of those are not recycled.  Brits are consuming more than 340 million of these coffee capsules every year which inevitably leads to plastic and aluminium coffee pods littering our cities, our shorelines and contaminating nature.

Home & food waste compostable coffee pods are an easy, accessible way for our loyal friends & businesses who are looking to reduce their single use plastic & their effect on the environment. Halo is unique because of our pulp capsule which is entirely natural and breaks down in as little as 28 days.

This is very different to the mass manufactured “Industrial compostable” capsules, considered by many to be yet another greenwashing. We for one are pleased to see that some supermarkets and independent retailers are leading the way and taking the initiative to ban the sale of industrial compostable materials from their shelves.

Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association and curated by our specialised coffee experts, Halo Noir’s blend of Arabica coffee from the tree covered slopes of Columbia & Honduras in South America and Robusta coffee from the misty hills in Vietnam & India on the Asia continent, combines truly high-quality beans with ethical farming standards.

This full-bodied dark roast was crafted especially for milk-based drinks like the latte, cappuccino or flat white which is great news for the 68% of coffee drinkers who drink their coffee with milk or our favourite plant based alternatives.

You want to live sustainably & mindfully but you also need something strong, like, really strong to get up and get going. The fast option hasn’t traditionally been seen as the best option for our planet but cross to the dark side of sustainability and you’ll be met with Halo Noir: Halo’s darkest roast ever. By merging the convenience of a coffee pod and the sustainability of home or food waste compostable materials you get an eco-pod that’s out to rid the world of plastic and metal capsules. Halo offers something better, something that doesn’t cost the world: a biodegradable capsule filled with the world’s best coffees in a way that’s best for the world.

You certainly don’t need to compromise your daily coffee ritual for the sake of your “better planet” thinking conscious. Instead, indulge your deepest, darkest (coffee-related) desires and venture to the dark side of sustainability, you’ll like what you see.

Pricing is £28 for 40 capsules (save more with subscription). Earn Halo reward points as you buy to be redeemed against future coffee orders.


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