The Hero’s Journey: Men’s Woodland Retreat


HJbannerWill Gethin prepares to host another ‘Hero’s Journey Men’s Woodland Retreat’ with creative arts psychotherapist Sam Bloomfield at the beautiful 45-acre Cherry Wood, near Marshfield in South Gloucestershire, 14 – 16 September (7pm Friday till 4pm Sunday).

Will Gethin, founder of comms & events agency Conscious Frontiers, says:

“This retreat is an invitation to move through the stages of mythologist Joseph Campbell’s ‘The Hero’s Journey’ in a beautiful wilderness setting. Dedicating his life to the study of world mythology, Joseph Campbell discovered ‘one story’ at the heart of all great myths, and mapping the stages of this ‘Hero’s Journey’, he provided a powerful template for storytelling which has been applied to countless films, from Star Wars andThe Matrix to The Wizard of Oz. The story typically starts with the protagonist having their world shaken up. They go on a journey and face tests, challenges and their greatest fears, and return redeemed and transformed through their trials. The Hero’s Journey is also a map for our own lives and the challenges we face.

“Campbell was also famous for his mantra for a meaningful life, ‘Follow your Bliss’. What is your deepest passion, the thing that makes you feel most alive? Often it’s the thing you can’t not do despite any resistance you may feel, hence Campbell later said what he really meant was ‘Follow Your Blisters’! This retreat invites you to open the door to your bliss; supported by the fellowship of a group of men and experienced guides, you can journey towards it, facing and learning from any fear and resistance arising and opening to new inspiration and direction.”

Cherry Wood is a stunning 45-acre, sustainable woodland designed and managed with permaculture principles. Complete with beautifully hand-crafted indoor and outdoor spaces, a lake for wild swimming, a romantic wood fired bush-bath and a sauna, 95% of materials come from the wood itself. Off grid with no mains power or wifi, the location offers a restorative digital detox. Accommodation options range from cosy wooden cabins to shared yurt dormitories and camping.

Sam Bloomfield, an experienced workshop leader, mentor and published poet, says:

“Our Hero’s Journey weekend is a ‘call to adventure’ for men of any age from 18 upwards wanting to grow and develop in some aspect of their life, or take a leap of faith to follow a different track. It’s a rare opportunity to take time out for yourself from your busy life, to enjoy space for silent reflection in a beautiful woodland, to reconnect and be nourished by nature and the fellowship and support of a group of men. It’s the chance to find a fresh sense of purpose and perspective, a spark plug to make positive changes in your life.”

Participants from the last Hero’s Journey retreat Will Gethin co-faciliated with natural happiness author Alan Heeks earlier this year, said:

“Powerful and cathartic.” John Harley

“A remarkably enriching adventure!” Stuart Finlator

“Very enlightening. I would definitely recommend it to others.” Keith Howat

“Well worth the value of the treasure I found!“ Lawrence Hughes


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