The Evolution of Eco-friendly football stadiums


The world we live in, is trying its best to become eco-friendly, football clubs are following the same suit, and doing what they can to build or in some cases change their stadiums to be as eco-friendly as possible. In the following infographic we explore what football stadiums are doing to become greener such as, recycling rain water by collecting and storing rain to be re-used to water the pitch during dryer periods of weather. Installing solar panels to power lighting and other electronics in and around the stadium. We also explore the stadiums around the world, who have adapted the eco-friendly techniques, like the Princes Park at Dartford, UK, The new lawn at Nailsworth, UK. Khalifa Int. Stadium in Qatar. And some stadiums that are under construction like Lusail iconic stadium in Qatar, The Garden Stadium in China.

Football Stadiums of the Future by Clubline Football


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