TGF Review: Jack N’ Jill Making Tooth Care Fun


J n J 1Jack N’ Jill Kids has launched an organic natural toothpaste range and my grandkids were lucky enough to receive samples and act as testers for some of the products.

The first thing that we noticed was how great the packaging and branding was. The kids loved the packaging and were instantly keen to try everything. It made ‘tooth time’ fun and no persuasion was needed to brush. Four year old Harrison really liked the fruity banana and blackcurrant flavours and gave them both a big ‘thumbs-up’. He wasn’t so keen on the flavour free one though, but two year old Never was quite happy with it.

It is not just toothpaste though. There are toothbrushes, baby gum and tooth wipes and finger brushes, not forgetting the really lovely Tooth Keeper pillows. What’s nice about the pillows is that the characters are suitable for boys or girls, with six to choose from, and they are made from organic cotton.

J n JThe toothbrushes, once again featuring cute characters on them, had a really nice weight, were not too heavy, were really comfy for little hands to grasp and Neve really loved brushing her teeth with hippo.

The toothbrushes are compostable (the handles are made from 100% corn starch) and the brush heads are biodegradable. Jack n’ Jill recommends that you change toothbrushes every 8 weeks and knowing that they are not going to landfill sites makes doing so a conscious free choice.

At first, my daughter wasn’t convinced that the wipes were right for nine month old Theo’s gums, but she used them for a while and changed her mind. She said that after brushing Harrison’s teeth twice a day it was strange not to be doing the same for Theo and found the wipes to be particularly handy after he had eaten a yogurt or something really messy! My other daughter found that the finger toothbrush was a really good product and easy to use for nine month old Esme and was soothing on her teething gums.

Instead of being a chore, tooth brushing time has now become a fun thing to do with the benefit of knowing that all the products my grandchildren are using now, thanks to Jack N’ Jill, are eco-friendly.

Jack N’ Jill is available from selected Ocado, Holland & Barratt online, selected pharmacies and health food shops. With prices starting from £3.99.