TGF Review: Ecover Laundry Bio Gel


What is it?

Ecover Bio Laundry Gel

Ecover Bio Laundry Gel

Ecover Bio Laundry Gel

Who is reviewing it?

Jo; mum to an adventurous 3 year old and a messy 1 year old. Jo averages 1-2 loads of washing a day.

Set Up

Ecover is a brand that uses natural, sustainable plant-based ingredients. They care about the environment, but also understand the need for cleaning products that provide good results. The claim is that this bio gel is “specially crafted to tackle tough stains at low temperatures [and]packs a powerful punch whilst respecting your skin. The world’s first ecological Bio Gel uses no nasties and a splash of clever science to give unparalleled cleaning performance. Not tested on animals.”

It is made from plant-based and mineral ingredients, not tested on animals, is great for septic tanks and is fully biodegradable.

Ecover believe that this laundry gel provides a brilliant cleaning performance. They are right. I have done three loads of washing in the last 48 hours – these included stains of grass, chocolate, felt-tip pen, ketchup, and even shoe polish (don’t ask.) All were gone after the wash, leaving clean clothes with a lovely but subtle fragrance.

With young children I am always on the lookout for any adverse skin reactions after trying new washing products, but there were none.

Any negatives

This is a laundry product where you fill the cap with the gel and place it directly into the wash. It is not designed to go into the dispenser. I like products that go directly into the drum so it suited me, but others prefer the dispenser. It’s not a negative, just something to be aware of and boils down to personal preference.

Price and availability

This product is available from many retail outlets. It can be bought from Ecover Direct for £4.99 (630ml – 18 washes).


An effective laundry gel which delivers a fantastic cleaning performance, smells nice, and is kind to both the environment and your family’s skin.

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