TGF Rated Review: Penningtons Compostable Coffee Capsules


Capture_POD_BOXNot only are Penningtons coffee capsules Nespresso compatible, they are also 100% compostable.

We tried the Brazil Cerrado Espresso Roast Capsules and found them to be just as flavoursome as any of the Nespresso pods. The roasted single origin coffee tasted rich and full bodied, was smooth to drink and left no nasty after taste in the mouth. The coffee aroma wafted pleasingly around the kitchen and the colour of the coffee was the right shade of brown to make it appealing.

Unlike some of the other Nespresso compatible capsules where only the cardboard boxes that the capsules are packaged in are recyclable, everything used in making the product – the capsule, lid, coffee and even the wrapper – compost in as little as twelve weeks. The capsules are made from cornstarch, and there is no aluminium used in production which apparently requires nine times more energy to manufacture than steel! It’s also good to know that the coffee they use is sourced in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way.

What’s more, Penningtons is a British family run business based in Kendel, Cumbria – an area which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The company obviously cares about their environmental footprint and use electricity exclusively from renewable sources and recycled packing materials for deliveries.

Non-biodegradable coffee capsules have a detrimental effect on the environment, so now we can enjoy our coffee knowing that we are helping to save the planet and still have the convenience of using capsules in our homes.

Packs of 10 capsules retail at £3.90 and savings can be made when subscribing for a bulk delivery of 60 capsules.



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