TGF Rated Review: Fabric Pouches

What Is it
We were lucky to receive two fabric pouches made from Cloud 9 organic fabrics from Wrap Revolution.
Who is reviewing it
Brenda, busy entrepreneur who want to live a greener life.
General Description and User Experience
I love to give gifts and see the look of joy on the faces of the recipient, but one of my bugbears is the wrapping of the gifts.  You can never find sellotape and then trying to break bits off whilst trying to hold the ends together is a bit of a nightmare.  So I was delighted to be asked to have a look at the fabric pouches from Wrap Revolution.  We were sent two pouches a small Floret Blue pouch and a medium Butterfly Garden pouch, both made from Cloud 9 organic fabric.
Butterfly-Garden-medium-pouch-01-1800x1350My first bit of joy was the fact they had re-used old packaging to send me the pouches and I love the sticker on the box which lets you know this, such a great idea!  The pouches come in different sizes, we received a small and medium pouch, which are ideal for small gifts.  I gifted the small one to my daughter who is now using it as her uni fund cash stash.
The pouches are really easy to use, fun to open and has multi uses once gifted.  I know that for me I would rather receive one of these pouches and a small gift inside rather than a big gift and horrid paper.
£12 for the small pouch and £15 for the medium.  At the moment there is free shipping on orders over £10 on the website.
Where you can buy
You can purchase these from Wrap Revolution.

TGF Rated Review

9.4 Loved it!

Fantastic idea, I hope more people start thinking about the wrapping of the gift

  • Green Credentials 10
  • Family Friendly 9
  • Value For Money 9
  • Ease of Use 9
  • Desirability 10
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 9.2

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