Tan faster & lock in colour for longer


sunlotionNot a fake tan, this groundbreaking lotion speeds up your body’s ability to tan and then locks in your tan for longer. A sun lotion with a difference, Green People’s SPF15 contains a naturally derived ingredient which works to speed up your body’s ability to tan. The key active ingredient that works this ‘magic’ is called Inositol, a naturally occurring nutrient derived from the fruits of the Carob tree, which acts as a stimulant for the formation of melanin. Trials on human volunteers show that the speed of tanning increases by 25%, the intensity or depth of suntan increases by over 28%, and reduces the tan-fading rate by almost 50%.

• Speeds up tanning by 25%

• Depth of tan increases by 28%

• Reduces tan fading by 50%

Green People’s gold award-winning SPF15 sun lotion offers 3 layers of protection:


Natural and organic, Green People’s SPF15 lotion offers effective sun protection, suitable for even the most sensitive skin, eczema and prickly heat sufferers. By carefully blending gentle and effective sun filters this lotion offers broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Berry Wax offers mild waterrepellent properties without blocking pores, unlike some water-proof products that can prevent the skin from breathing and may increase the risk of prickly heat.


Ian Taylor, Research Manager for Green People says, “Melanin is produced by the skin in response to sun exposure and is the body’s natural defence against UV damage. By using Inositol extracted from Carob fruits to stimulate melanin production, you effectively increase the body’s own natural protection against the damage that can be caused by sun exposure.”


Natural antioxidants and skin vitamins A, C & E from Avocado, Edelweiss and Rosemary extract support the skin’s immune system and protect it against free radical cell damage. Green Tea extract reduces the action of the enzyme responsible for breaking down collagen; this in turn will tend to lead to an increase in collagen levels.

Price is £18.95 for 200mls.


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