Springtime at Boxwild


Spring feels like it has finally sprung, the days are getting longer, the harsh chill is disappearing from the air and the chirping of the birds are becoming more prominent.

With springtime being a crucial period for birds, it becomes even more important to make sure that you are doing your part by supplying food for them in your garden.

Boxwild makes it easy to keep nature thriving with their subscription and gift boxes.

You will also be helping wildlife charities, as with every box sold 50p is donated!

The Bird Feeder Gift Box would be a perfect gift for a bird lover, and it will also keep birds well fed during the spring months.

The box contains a bird feeder, bird seed scooper and a variety of seeds: Boxwild Blend, All-Seasons Blend, and Songbird Blend that will allow birds to spend less time foraging for food.

The addition of a bird feeder to your garden will cause birds to spend more time choosing a good nesting area, and also help them to build higher quality nests.

Along with this, the easy to retrieve food allows birds to provide more nutrition to their chicks who need increased amount of foods to ensure good growth rates.

The Wildlife Subscription – Seasonal Box is a practical gift for a wildlife lover who does not have enough time to keep up with the requirements of the changing seasons.

Depending on the season, each box is packed with Boxwild’s blend of bird or wildlife seeds, feeder or habitat, and plant seeds or a special Boxwild gift.

The Wildlife Subscription box will be sent at the start of each season:
Spring – March
Summer – June
Autumn – September
Winter – December

With each box mixed seasonally in a nature loving home in Surrey, you are sure to get a box full of nutritious treats that will take care of birds not only in spring but all year round.

Details and Pricing:

Bird Feeder; £28
Wildlife Subscription Box – Seasonal Boxes; £25 (available in both recurring and non-recurring billing)
Seed Box – Subscription Gift Box; £15
Fatty Box; £23


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