Sponsored Video: World Toilet Day 2015


Most of us are lucky enough to take toilet hygiene for granted and are able to make sure that our toilets are safe and free from germs. But did you know that bad sanitation is one of the biggest killers of the human race? Children in developing countries are most at risk with an astonishing 443 million school sick days taken because of illnesses related to poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water. Imagine every school in the UK being empty for 3 months!

In support of World Toilet Day 2015, Domestos is working in conjunction with UNICEF to improve sanitation in schools with the aim of contributing to Unilever’s Sustainable Living Target of helping 25 million people gain improved access to a toilet by 2020.

Their mission is to raise awareness of the sanitation crisis and in November 2013, Domestos, (or Domex as it’s known in India) started the Domex Toilet Academy programme in partnership with social enterprise eKutir, an innovative approach to improving sanitation in rural India. The Academy trains local entrepreneurs so that they can establish self-sustaining businesses. Entrepreneurs are trained to supply, install and maintain hygienic toilets, and educate local communities on the importance of sanitation.

What can we do to help? Watch this video. Knowledge is an important tool in effecting change.  Tell your friends, inform your children and educate those who don’t know about it so that other children can have the education they need.  


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