Sponsored Video: Take the Green High Road with Toyota i-ROAD


In a world where many of us are reliant upon motor vehicles in one form or another, the damaging effects of air pollution are often forgotten. Our health is important and sometimes we overlook that these invisible pollutants can cause a seriously alarming threat to our bodies that includes respiratory and heart problems.

Air pollution occurs when harmful elements enter the atmosphere and one way to lessen this happening is to consider the way in which we travel, because it is travel congestion that raises the danger through an increase in vehicle emissions and degrading ambient air quality.

For those of us who incorporate the principles of green living to every other aspect of our lives, now is the time to think about applying these values to our mobility. What is going to happen in the future if we carry on polluting the air with car fumes and gas emissions?  Toyota is helping to address this issue with their new three-wheel electric concept vehicle. The i-Road looks like a motorcycle but has the stability of a car with corresponding comfort features to ensure you don’t get wet in the rain. It is a compact, all-electric, zero-emission vehicle that is nearly silent.

toyota1In partnership with the City of Grenoble 70 Toyota i-Road and COMS ultra-compact electric vehicles will be available in an innovative car-sharing scheme called Citélib by Ha:Mo. Vehicles can be charged at around 30 charging stations managed by Sodetrel (EDF Group) and located close to public transport stops and users will be able to tailor their journey by picking up one of the small EVs at one location and droping it off at another.  This ‘social good trigger’ scheme aims to help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in city centres. Together the city of Grenoble and i-Road are pioneering a new model of sustainability that can be replicated in urban cities of the future.

This post has been sponsored by Toyota, but all thoughts are our own.


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