Sponsored Video: How to Talk to your Children about Terrorism


With the spate of recent terrorist attacks that have taken place around the world, it is important to explain to children and young people about what is going on so that they can understand what is happening and why.  However, there are ways to go about this that can reassure them without worrying them further.

Maybe you noticed that your child is having frequent nightmares or you might have seen that they have suddenly become frightened to go outside.  They could have expressed fears that you, or they, will be caught up in a similar terrorist attack to those that they have witnessed in the media. Firstly, make sure that your child knows that they can talk to you about these fears and other emotions. To help you talk to your children about the subject of terrorism, watch and share this video, made by the NSPCC in conjunction with The Times, to find out how to tackle this emotive subject. #everychildhood

Top tips are that it is alright to agree with them that such attacks, although frightening and sad, can’t be stopped. Knowledge will help to allay their fears and worries and will assist in their being able to get their heads around these difficult issues, but avoid complicated explanations as they won’t be able to process the information and it could leave them more frightened and confused. Making distinctions between people’s dogmas and religious beliefs is a good starting point and helping your children to talk about their feelings is crucial. Impress on them that there are people around who will help to keep them safe.  Always listen to your children’s worries and ask them questions about what they are feeling. Be honest and open but reassuring and comfort them when needed.

Post sponsored by the NSPCC and The Times.


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