Sponsored Video: How Safe is Your Toilet?


Do you know how hygienic your toilet is? Hopefully most of us know how to keep the toilets within our own homes clean and safe for our families to use without worry. Toilet hygiene is something that we take for granted, yet there are thousands of people around the world who live without proper sanitation facilities. Many of the illnesses and deaths brought about by bad sanitary conditions could be stopped through education.

With an estimated 37% of the population lacking in adequate sanitation facilities and in an effort to raise awareness of how good hygiene practices can change lives, Domestos and the Unilever Foundation have joined forces with UNICEF in a project called “Community Approaches to Total Sanitation programme” (CATS).

Children worldwide are affected by the lack of proper sanitation, with 2,000 dying every day from diarrhoea. Watch ‘Dance and Be Happy & TELL A FRIEND’ to find out exactly what you can do to help the situation. Promoting a better understanding about basic practices such as using clean water and washing hands after going to the toilet are key factors that can help to lessen the problem.

You can help the CATS campaign by buying one of the specially marked Domestos bottles. 5% of the average proceeds will go towards UNICEF programmes in the Philippines, South Sudan and Vietnam and to improving sanitation conditions in India, Indonesia and Brazil.

Better sanitation can lead to a healthier environment and could ultimately save the lives of many children and adults who are suffering because of a lack of understanding about the dangers of open defecation and the need to eliminate germs. Together we can promote sustainable sanitation practices that will improve the living conditions for future generations.

This post has been sponsored by Domestos & Unicef


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