Sponsored Video: How Safe is your Shed?


What have you got stored in your shed? When you start to think about the items you keep in an exterior storage unit you may be amazed at their total worth. What about the family bicycles and the lawn mower and other gardening equipment? You may use your shed to keep your decorating tools, ladders and power machines in and out of the house if space indoors is limited. Maybe you don’t have a garage to keep things dry and rust free. It can be staggering once you start to tot up the total worth of all the items, with the average exterior storage unit containing over £1000 worth of valuables.

Most items in your shed will be covered by your household insurance, but don’t forget that unless you tell the insurance company about your grandfather’s prized telescope, the two sets of golf clubs and the electric golf trolley and arrange additional coverage at a separate cost, they may not be covered.

It may be a bit far-fetched to think that your shed could be picked up lock, stock and barrel and transported away, but as this video proves, it could happen! Wickes Security, the company that offers DIY and home improvements products, can definitely help to protect not only the contents, but also the physical shed itself.

Burglars know exactly what sort of things home owners keep in their sheds and they can be easy targets if not properly secured. Putting a few simple steps into place to keep your valuables safe can often deter potential thieves. Keeping your shed locked at all times, either with a cylinder lock or a weatherproof padlock, is important. Fitting a sensor light or a motion sensor is a good idea and can be useful to help light your way to and from the shed when it is dark.  Professional security alarm systems and CCTV cameras are also good deterrents.

Apart from being a useful storage asset a shed can also add value to your home, so if you want to have peace of mind, make sure you look after your shed and keep your contents safe from unwanted intruders.


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