Social Enterprise Launches Zero-Waste Sustainable, Ethical Goods & Kits Supporting Environmental Education


nowhere1Social enterprise Nowhere & Everywhere has launched their new range of zero-waste products and gift kits aiming to support environmental education and rural jobs in Cambodia in partnership with a local not-for-profit.

The items made largely from 100% sustainably grown hemp and recovered linens & cotton redirected from landfill, aim to provide the zero-waste market with better, and more ethical, options. The kits are ideal for beginners, trying out new items for replacing plastic in the home, and as a beautiful gift alternative.

“It’s amazing that humans across the world want to celebrate all kinds of occasions through gifting but it’s an extremely wasteful industry. We wanted to provide beautiful gifts that are a delight to receive whilst also being useful and serving a purpose. Eco-conscious friends will love them and we hope that these gifts may introduce a friend, colleague or family member to the environmental movement to get more involved.”

“Nothing is perfect but we want to show that a different, and more sustainable way of doing things is possible and a model we can all be actively working on”, says Lis (founder).

Nowhere & Everywhere runs climate change & plastics workshops in rural Cambodia and focusses the rest of their time on global online education for the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, pollution, and climate justice, promoting action, systemic change and transparency.

“It’s really heartening to see the number of people connecting back to our environment, understanding the crisis we are already in and wanting to be much more informed and involved. We have a lot of work to do,” says Lis.


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