Slim Holder – Black


CONCRETE_AND_WAX_BLACK_SLIM_CONCRETE_HOLDERWe love candles here at TGF and this slimline candle holder that is handmade is stylish.

The slimmest holder in our concrete range is streamlined and elegant. It is designed as the perfect partner to our slim candle, but can also hold a simple tealight.

This hand-poured concrete holder sits upon a smaller natural cork foot creating a floating aesthetic when placed directly on a surface, or a snug connection when stacked on top of another holder.

Approx dimensions: W: 53mm x H: 86mm (inc. 6mm cork foot)

Approx holder weight: 275gm

Approx holder + candle weight: 520gm

Available to buy from Concrete & Wax for £23.


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