Sleep Soundly With Ethical Bedroom Furniture


pujiPuji – An award-winning luxury furniture retailer, are proud to announce their latest bespoke bedroom range.

The new selection combines an oriental style with modern, contemporary design, and is already proving a hit with the clientele.

Jimmy Ioannou, Puji founder said ”Our customers seem to love the designs and our back-story. We think that our focus on luxury furniture with a conscience strikes a chord with them. Hopefully, it helps them sleep a little sounder at night!”

The company relies heavily on ethical sourcing and has previously been the recipient of a prestigious industry award, thanks, in part, to their eco-friendly ethos.

Jimmy believes the new range is a great reflection on their business model. ”Most of the products use reclaimed teak wood, which is a sustainable way to produce quality furniture, without eating up more of Indonesia’s essential rainforests. In addition, we employ talented local artisans, helping to support them, their families, and the region as a whole. It’s a win-win for all involved”

Teak is a very durable, hard-wearing wood originating in South East Asia. It’s high strength and decay resistance make it a popular choice among those looking for high-class furniture. The Puji range features chunky, natural-toned beds and wardrobes, elegant side tables, and luxurious accessories.

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