Serving Tray


vin tradingayFor those who have been to our house, you will know my husband likes to eat his lunch or dinner in front of the tv on a tray.  So I am always on the lookout for nice trays for his dinner.  I really really love the serving trays from Vincent Trading.

Each tray is made from reclaimed pallets. The pallet is taken apart, cleaned, sanded and constructed into this beauty before being finished with a food safe hard wax oil. Think summer sundowner cocktails served to friends, winter hot chocolate brought out to the family, tea and cake when the visitors you want to impress come over… we think you need one in your life! We certainly don’t know what we didn’t without a tray before this one came along!

Each tray is handmade to order and may different slightly in colour and size.

The tray is approximately 31cm x 45cm with the serving area as 30cm x 28cm. The cost is £40.


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