#saynotoplastic With Sundried


The plastic waste revolution is well under way and Sundried are proud to be a part of it. The hashtag ‘say no to plastic’ is everywhere you go; from Carnaby Street to the mouths of politicians, everyone is talking about reducing plastic waste. While making changes to reduce the amount of plastic we consume on a daily basis such as swapping to paper straws is certainly beneficial, what about the plastic pollution that already litters our oceans and wildlife?

That’s where Sundried comes in. “Their recycled range of activewear gives new life to old plastic bottles which would otherwise be harming our ecosystem and endangering our animals,”  says Sundried’s Founder and CEO Daniel Puddick. “By creating activewear out of recycled plastic bottles, we are taking that extra step to reducing plastic waste and cleaning up our planet. My goal is for Sundried to be a brand my daughter will be proud to be associated with in years to come.”

Recycled materials lend themselves perfectly to becoming sportswear as they dry much quicker than synthetic materials and provide natural odour-blocking and UV protection. It’s a process that produces lower emissions than classic materials and we are proud to partner with the Low Carbon Innovation Fund to work on keeping a low carbon footprint in everything we do.

Can your sportswear do that?


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