SASSY 0% Organic Cider from Normandy will be landing in December on British shores


image003 (1)A mere 955 years after William The Conqueror’s unexpected arrival brought us his own particular Norman style, SASSY is following in his footsteps by bringing the modern-day unexpected to our shores in the elegant form of SASSY 0% Organic cider, the highest quality, additive free, 100% fruit cider.

Xavier d’Audiffret Pasquier of SASSY comments:

“What William The Conqueror started, SASSY is aiming to continue, an all-conquering invasion of Britain’s gastronomic shores.

“This is the first time in 169 years that we have ever created a SASSY 0% Organic Cider, which is odd as Low alcohol ciders have been in my family’s blood since we first made cider at Chateau de SASSY in Normandy in 1852. Our objective has been to create something beautiful and refreshing, effervescing with complex flavours. We wanted it to have layers of attractive flavours, belying the fact that it would have no alcohol to give it that habitual texture and power.

“For the new SASSY 0% Organic Cider, we have used a wide variety of apples, grown in our family’s orchards, many of them very ancient. Each apple variety has been chosen for what its own special flavours and attributes will add to the blend. It has been made using five different apple varieties, all native to Normandy. These apples are exclusively cider apples, rather than an eating or cooking apples, and this brings a complexity that will allow the traditional cider drinker to enjoy this with zero qualms about its flavour.

“We make the cider to 4% abv and then spin off the alcohol, creating a 0% organic cider which we think has the texture and taste of a 4%. It has taken our team, including my grandmother and myself, many years and countless different blends of apples and cuvées to perfect. And like all of our ciders, it is 100% fruit and not-from-concentrate, with no water added and no added sugars – a delicious food-friendly brew, which is both gluten-free and vegan to boot.

Alexander Darley, sales manager of SASSY UK comments:

“We see a massive opportunity for SASSY 0% organic in both the off-trade and in hospitality. Just look at the success of Seedlip in non-alc spirits; and of Heineken 0%, Brooklyn Special Effects and others in beer. The three-hour office lunch can at last resuscitate itself with impunity. Drivers can drive with a smile on their lips, and those concerned with the pursuit of ‘wellness’ can feel almost holy. We will be sampling at every opportunity, so as to demonstrate our SASSY 0% and its superior flavour.”

Retail distribution will be updated before the December 1st Launch, but already includes . RRP £1.10 per 27.5cl, plus Direct Wines/Laithwaites/ Amazon and in Corbin & King restaurants.


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