Sarah’s Wonderful Honey Helps You Reduce Plastic Waste


honey1Did you know that approximately 20 million plastic squeezy honey bottles are sent to landfill every year? Simply switching to glass can reduce this astonishing figure.

By choosing one of the Sarah’s Wonderful Honeys, you can help reduce this number as the range is available in glass jars that can be easily recycled, or for the more adventurous, re-used.

The jars can be used for an array of opportunities. Just give yours a good clean and reuse it for storing spices, dried herbs, homemade salad dressing or use to make overnight oats. The list goes on!

A small switch to Sarah’s Wonderful Honey can make all the difference to the environment, and you get to try a new, exciting flavour of honey!

The variety of eight flavours include Ginger, Cinnamon, Mixed Berries, Walnuts and Lemon means that the Sarah’s Wonderful Honey range is extremely versatile; using pure, natural honey with real spice, fruit or nut pieces it can be used the same as regular honey – on toast or porridge and in tea, or for cooking, glazes and delicious as dessert toppings.

Desperate to know where you can find some of this extra-special honey? Sarah’s Wonderful Honey range is available in the UK in Sainsbury’s and in Ireland in Tesco, Super Value and independent grocery stores.

The full range comprises:


Sarah’s Zesty Honey with Ginger RRP: £2.50 Sainsbury’s

Sarah’s Fruity Acacia Honey with Mixed Berries RRP: £3 Sainsbury’s

Products in this range have been awarded three Great Taste Awards as well as a Gulfood Award.  Sarah’s Wonderful Honey is signed up to the Bord Bia Origin Green Sustainability Charter and is committed to sourcing honey from ethical beekeeping.



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