Reusable Nappies Hit the High Street


Nutty_Dylan-18Reusable nappy brand, TotsBots, is set to roll out to 440 Boots stores from 17 February 2020, making reusable nappies more accessible on the high street. Based in Glasgow, TotsBots designs and manufactures sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly and award-winning reusable nappies made from recycled plastic-bottles in the UK.

As a result of increasing consumer demand for kinder, eco-friendly options for their baby, this extensive roll out is perfect timing to introduce the zero-waste nappy range by making it more accessible for parents shopping locally.  More and more parents are becoming increasingly eco-conscious in their buying choices by changing their shopping behaviour to cut waste, select sustainable UK brands and reduce their direct impact to the environment.

Fiona Smyth, Co-Founder TotsBots, says, “we have spent 19 years developing, manufacturing and selling sustainable and environmentally friendly nappies inspiring and enabling parents to make choices that have a positive environmental impact for the future of their children. In the early days, reusables were a very hard sell but as the war on plastic grows, we are seeing more and more parents actively looking to make the switch. We are absolutely delighted to be teaming up with Boots as by having such a large high street presence.  It will now be easier than ever to make the switch.”

The market for disposable nappies has struggled in recent years and is estimated to be declining at 6% per annum, as the consumer backlash against single use plastics increases. Sustainability charity WRAP, estimates that a child will soil between 4,000 – 6,000 nappies between birth and potty training, with around 3 billion single-use nappies annually representing 2-3% of all household waste. Reusable nappies are better for baby’s skin, better for the environment and can save parents money in the long run. A child will wear a disposable nappy for around four hours, but it will fester in landfill for a lifetime for approximately 500 years (foe.scott). Using one reusable nappy a day can save up to 365 nappies from being discarded as a single use waste item by just one person, in just one year. If more parents made the switch it would make a huge difference to our planet. Aside from the environmental benefits, reusable nappies do not contain harmful chemicals and reduces the likelihood of irritation. It’s best for baby and best for the planet. In addition, by opting to use a full kit of TotsBots nappies, parents can save around £750 annually per child.

In January, TotsBots was acquired by ethical clothing company, Frugi, a leading UK organic children’s wear and lifestyle brand. Frugi has grown strongly over recent years, with like for like sales growth of over 50% being achieved over the recent Christmas trading period.  TotsBots is also enjoying considerable growth, particularly in its direct-to-consumer business, which has grown over 80% in the last twelve months. Following the acquisition, both brands will work closely together with significant cross-selling opportunities, as well the option for Frugi to leverage TotsBots’ existing manufacturing facilities to test and develop new products and categories more quickly in the future.

Making eco-friendly reusable nappies accessible in store is key to encouraging the trend for reusables to grow, highlighting that washing nappies isn’t all boil washing and safety pins. 90% of parents agree that they find them so much easier than they expected. It’s a consumer movement that’s here to stay, and Boots are fundamental in driving it forward.


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