Reusable Christmas Wrapping Paper from BuyMeOnce


wrag wrapBanish the big black bag of crumpled up paper at the end of your Christmas and simply fold away your wrap for next year. Made from recycled plastic bottles, Wrag Wrap crackles like real paper so none of the excitement of unwrapping is lost, but it can be used again and again. There’s no need to wrestle with scissors or tape as the cord attached to every wrap is all you need to secure your present. The Stretch wrap is ingeniously designed to overcome the challenges of irregular shaped gifts. The Stretch Wrap is an open-ended tube able to expand up to three times its width. Each wrap comes complete with drawstring fastenings at both ends, plus a gift tag pouch for your message. The Holly Green wrap pattern features an olive green colour festooned with prancing gold and crimson stags.

Wrap Wrap Available from BuyMeOnce


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