Raindrop – the new eco cleaning range for 2021 that‘s too beautiful to hide away under the sink?


raindropThe new eco-friendly cleaning range Raindrop (raindropclean.comlaunches mid-December 2020. Designed to wean households off plastic-waste, Raindrop combines luxury with environmental sustainability, featuring recycled frosted amber glass bottles and plastic-free packaging. Ten percent of profits are donated to anti-plastic waste charities, including Surfers against Sewage.

Raindrop is based on ‘cleaning pod’ technology that uses an eco-friendly formula perfected in the UK over years of trials to rival leading household cleaning brands. Dropping a Raindrop pod into tap water turns it into a powerful cleaning product in under 20 seconds.

Raindrop is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, containing no animal products or ingredients tested on animals. Delivered direct to the door, Raindrop is convenient for customers at the same time as and cutting down on transport pollution – removing the need to transport heavy liquids from supplier to warehouse to store.

Raindrop offers a starter pack containing three eco-friendly cleaning pods and three 500ml frosted amber recycled glass bottles with ‘Ultimate’ nozzles that will last a lifetime and never clog up. The pods are lemon-fragranced bathroom cleaner, grapefruit-fragranced kitchen cleaner, and lavender-fragranced multi-surface cleaner.  Additional pods can be ordered for delivery by post, with discounted subscription options available.

Ben Smith, one of Raindrop’s founders, comments; “We thought it was complete madness that for years we’ve been unnecessarily manufacturing, shipping and buying billions of plastic bottles filled with essentially water and a cleaning agent. The truth is we never needed 90% of what we bought – we only need the cleaning bit. It doesn’t need to be that way, so we launched Raindrop to challenge the big guys on what they are selling to us and start to do our bit for our planet because, quite frankly, we need too.”

“We’ve seen the UK go crazy for reusable water bottles, now it’s time for reusable cleaning bottles. Raindrop is leading the charge!”

Raindrop is available at raindropclean.com. The Raindrop Starter Pack retails at £30, and additional pods can be ordered for £6 for a pack of three pods.


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