PomPom Climbing Triangle


Add a subheadingSome of our regular readers are looking already, dare we say it for Christmas Gifts for their little ones. But you want sustainable gifts, less is more. More and more people are asking people to contribute to one big gift rather than lots of little ones.

One that drew my eye was the PomPom Climbing Triangle, I know my boys would have loved this!

The ONLY wooden climbing frame for kids in the world with 3 adjustable heights, so the triangle can grow with your child.

Inspired by paediatrician, Dr Emmi Pikler and her Pikler Triangle, who promoted the freedom of movement for all children.

The triangle is designed for energetic kids who love to slide, climb, explore, play and create imaginary games.  Ages 6 months – 5 years. 

The foldable wooden climber transforms your sitting room into a playroom by day and folds away by night.

💫 The world’s only climbing triangle with THREE instantly adjustable heights

🎈  Arrives fully assembled – no frustrating DIY!

💫 Easily foldable, perfect for small spaces.

🇬🇧 Made in the UK.  FREE Shipping in the UK.

💫 “Call us Crazy” Guarantee.  Unhappy? No problem. We will pick it up for free.

🐳 The company donate to the Marine Conservation Society for every triangle sold.

The price is £219 available to buy from PomPom.


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