Pieminister launches two vegan patties packed with flavours from around the world


piem2It’s hard to fault a pie, particularly a Pieminister pie.  But let’s face it, eating them with your hands can get messy, particularly when you’re on the move. So the guys behind the pies at Pieminister decided it was time to create a pocket-sized snack, for when you just want to grab something delicious by the crust and go.

After playing around with their existing circular pie lids, creating all manner of turnover-type pastries, they finally landed on the perfect creation: a portable patty that fits into the palm of the hand, to be devoured in about five satisfying bites.  Delicious hot or cold, they’re perfect for picnics, lunch-hours, rambles and road-trips.

There are two vegan patties in the range, filled with great tasting, great quality ingredients encased in a golden saffron pastry.  Chana Rama is a chana dhal patty made with chickpeas, spinach and potato and Holy Chipotle! is a flavoursome combination of black beans and chipotle.

You can buy both through Ocado and in selected Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. Available in packs of two (£2.50) the packaging is plastic-free, made with fully recyclable card and a transparent outer made from wood pulp.  This means that every element of the packaging can be composted or recycled.

To help shoppers make plastic-free choices, a distinctive PLASTIC FREE™ logo adorns the patty pack fronts. This Consumer Trust Mark was created by A Plastic Planet, an organisation with a single goal: to dramatically reduce the amount of single-use plastics produced.  To be able to carry their Mark, Pieminister’s packaging was carefully evaluated by A Plastic Planet’s panel of experts.

The patties will also be on the menu in Pieminister’s cafes and restaurants  across the UK for £2 each, to enjoy hot or cold, in or out. Or pick your favourite three for a fiver with some (vegan) spicy ketchup on the side.  Look out for them in good delis and Pieminister pie pubs too.


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