Oval Rattan Dog Baskets


charley-chau-rattan-dog-basket-greywash-01_largeMy friend is looking for a new dog bed for her newly adopted stray dog and asked me if I could find her a nice bed.  My own doggies have to do with old towels on the floor as they have destroyed so many beds in the past that I now refuse to spend any more money on beds.  I also find that it is easier to throw the towels in the wash every day for them and so keeps the bedding nice and clean.

Anyway having had a look at these rattan dog baskets I think these will suit my friend best.

The Greywash Oval Rattan Basket is a classic wicker dog basket – grey/olive tones are naturally neutral and rattan is a strong, natural cane that will last for years to come. Unassuming, timeless style.

The Oval Greywash Rattan Baskets are available on their own but if you are looking for inspiration to create a super-cosy bed then take a look at the blog on “Blanket Beds” – simply dress the basket with a bundle of super-soft Double Fleece Blankets to create a gorgeous dog bed that is also super-easy to keep clean.

The Oval Greywash Rattan Basket is also available as a Rattan Dog Basket Set with Reversible Luxury Mattress with 10% off the price of the basket and mattress compared to when ordered as separate items!

Sizing – Oval Rattan Dog Baskets in Greywash

Available in five sizes. Approximate dimensions (external // internal cm) and number of Double Fleece Blankets recommended for a Blanket Bed:

  • Extra Small – 53x43x17cm // 48x38x15cm – 2 x Medium Blankets
  • Small – 64x53x17cm // 59x48x15cm – 2 x Medium Blankets
  • Medium – 77x63x22cm // 70x57x20cm – 2 x Large Blankets
  • Large – 85x70x26 cm // 78x64x24cm – 3 x Large Blankets
  • Extra Large – 94x80x28cm // 86x74x26cm – 3 x Large Blankets

Rattan is a natural cane and the colour of our Greywash Oval Rattan Dog Baskets can vary slightly from basket to basket.

If you are unsure about what size basket you should choose for your dog please see our Dog Bed Size Guide.

Care guide

Our Greywash Rattan Dog Baskets are very easy to keep clean – wipe with a damp cloth (do not use anything abrasive) to keep the rattan clean. If the basket is really mucky for any reason then spray it down with a hosepipe and leave to dry naturally.

Rattan Dog Baskets are not suitable for dogs that like to chew furniture and we recommend you wait to invest in a Rattan Basket if your dog is a young puppy!

If you have wooden flooring, or other types of flooring that may be prone to scratching, we recommend that the Rattan Dog Basket is placed on a rug or other lining to avoid any potential scratching of your floor surface.

Available to buy from Charlie Chau with prices starting from £70.


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