Ohyo 2Bag by Felix Conran


ohyo1The Ohyo team and designer Felix Conran have created a new bag that grows with your day. The clever design makes it easy to switch between an office bag and a much larger bag.

Ohyo 2Bag:
• is a waterproof workbag that can hold a lap top, tablet and daily essentials.
• is an expanding sack to hold your groceries or to keep your gym kit separately.
• has two internal velcro secured pockets for your phone, keys and valuables.
• comes with a 500ml Ohyo bottle that will collapse under an Ohyo Bag ring; the ultimate marriage of convenience!

It truly is a case (or bag) of one size fits all. First deliveries will be out for Christmas!

To find out more, check out their Kickstarter campaign.


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