NEW Recycled Furniture RANGE – 100% unique, strong and beautiful


wf1We live in a world with finite natural resources and their scarcity is a hot topic, so we’re enthusiastic about the use of reclaimed wood in contemporary furniture. The reclaimed wood used for the NEW URBAN ELEGANCE furniture range is taken from a number of sources like old barns, warehouses, railway sleepers and even storage containers. By using this recycled wood rather than live trees, furniture makers are reducing the need to cut down new wood – helping to reduce the effects that the industry has on the environment.

Each piece in this stunning range is truly individual with reclaimed rough sawn wood combined with a beautifully made powdered coated steel outer frame. Many of the pieces have a distictive wooden cross framework and they are finished with distressed steel handles. The Urban Elegance collection has a contemporary, industrial edge. each piece is hand crafted from recycled wood and beautifully hand finished to create one-of-a-kind pieces. The range includes our best selling designs of shoe storage cupboards, home office desks, sidebaords and bookcases.


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